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Your disco needs you

31 Jul
Your disco needs you


Anything goes

9 Feb

If you’re in your twenties, you’ve probably been to or been invited to a nineties party. All Spice Girls, Beastie Boys and acid house? I can only imagine. Sadly, for my age group the nineties are a bit too close to home, but you never know – there’s time yet.

But in twenty years time, what the ‘eck will we wear to a tweenies (is that what we’re calling this decade?) fancy dress party? Early indications suggest a meat dress or nothing, if Gaga or, God help us, Cyrus leave any kind of cultural legacy.

Truly though, where are we going with this fabulous era of fashion? Having got the nudes and, stunning though they were, the straight cut minimalist block colours out of the way early on, over the last few seasons the fashion houses have exploded with colour, pattern and embellishment like no other I’ve witnessed.

This season, you want historical references embroidered into your frock, you got it. You want Game of Thrones style robes and metal hair bands, all yours. You’re looking for a pop-art inspired look? Yep – all here. Feeling biker chic coming on? See-through plastic, gold lamé, pastel tartan, gingham, polka dot, multi block stripes? No problem. And if you’re quite happy with a block neutral, thank you very much, that’s fine too – white especially seems to be the thing.

The fashion editors are doing a brilliant job of pulling together key trends and themes from this diverse market because in my humble opinion, the creativeness and boldness shown by the high ranking houses are pushing the boundaries of fashion and in turn allowing our generally constrained, homogenised day to day style the chance to experiment. Variety is the spice of life and this season’s all yours.

The nineties party invite? I’ll elbow you to Carmela Soprano’s wardrobe any day.

Pics below from style.com: Dolce and Gabanna; Maison Martin Margiela; JW Anderson; Prada; Valentino. Mrs S from tvtropes.org.







Who wore it best?

29 Dec

Got your outfit ready for your New Year’s do? No? You’d better get on with it then. Some bargains to be had in the sales. Just don’t choose the ‘it’ dress of the moment. Here’s why.

Picture the young woman almost tripping on her heels as she belts out of the door shouting byes, grabbing coat and brolly on her way.

It’s the 1950s and she can’t believe her luck having bagged a golden ticket to the Winter Gardens dance in Blackpool. She looks just like the girl in the catalogue wearing the dress she’d be paying off for a few weeks yet.

She stands at the balcony, here at last, looking below at the fun she was about to join in that famous ballroom. Just then a swish of a dress catches her eye and her heart drops. Only the same blinking dress. And then another familiar swatch of fabric. And another. And yet another.

She counted twenty four of the very same silver screen-star dress from the catalogue before she decided that if you can’t beat them, join them. And she had the night of her life. That girl was my mother in law.

Ladies, never mind ‘who wore it best’, if you are unfortunate enough to wear the same dress as another (or twenty three others) at this year’s do, give them a high five and congratulate each other on your shared immaculate style.

Happy New Year.

(Pics from etsy, coololdstuff blog and google)




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