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The great es-cape

17 Jul
The great es-cape


A year in style – 2014

29 Dec

Lidl tracksuitI’ll start with a bit of love for Normcore, the most googled fashion term of 2014 and apparently a word used in the wrong context by the fash-pack, but then who cares?  To me, Normcore manifested itself by way of a grateful nod in the mirror which reflected back to me a Sunday morning, no frills, dog-walking attire of jeans, zip up anorak and trainers.  Thanks Normcore, if that’s a fashion moment then I’m cool with that.

The anonymous dressing fad was no reason not to dress up, of course.  Finding myself back in Cardiff this year after a 20 year break, where stripper heels and false eyelashes still rule, swiftly reminded me of that fact and so I was delighted with the return of fluffy jumpers and colourful fake furs, the fantastic use of neoprene, full skirts, heavy prints and chunky jewels galore.  H&M found itself brilliantly back on form with its eco range and out-there, albeit often straight-to-sale, experimental, designer-look designs.  And the Alexander Wang coup will be hard to beat next year.

For the bargains there were jumble sales and flea markets (or el rastro in Spain, where I spent the first part of this year).  Who can argue with a pair of high street jeans for 20p?  As wonderful as charity shops are and while I remain a devotee and wouldn’t deny them a penny, when we say we want a bargain we do mean it.  A tough call when you’re competing with the likes of Primark where you’ll find whole rails of polyester items for a fiver a piece.  And of course Lidl (never forget the suit in box and don’t tell me you haven’t held up a reversible jacket with serious intent) is where I shamelessly invested in their finest velour pyjamas this year and haven’t looked back.

Were you as surprised as me to see flats and trainers stick around for another year?  On which note I recently discovered Depop, which rivals eBay for nearly-new and second hand items, and have a lovely pair of metallic Docs to show for it.  Heels were never great for walks in the park but will always have a place in my wardrobe; super skinny jeans (especially on men) however, along with arse-gripping leggings, culottes, dungarees and boiler suits – step aside please, we’re done.

Naturally if I’d been 20 years younger in 2014 I’d have been smoking and snogging boys and riding my £2000 bike in North London with my pink ombre hair and tattooed arms. Hug a hipster please, before they disappear for good.

Of course just like Normcore in 2014, what we’ll wear and covet in 2015 was decided years ago by some clever trend-setters who’ve already coined the next fashion term to be misinterpreted later on.  But, as we all know it’s what we do with it that matters.

Enjoy, style icons.  Let the adventure continue.

Le chic

9 Aug
Le chic


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