Stock take

5 Jan

This is the advice on what clothes to bring on a motorhome trip in Europe:

6-8 loose tops/t-shirts, 3 x shorts, 2 x jeans, 1 x other trousers (maybe linen?), 3-4 jumpers/sweatshirts/cardigans

As if!

Despite wishing to live a simple life while on the road, I of course paid no heed to this and brought with me 5 skirts, 2 leggings, 2 jeans, 1 skinny trousers, 1 walking trousers, 1 waterproof trousers (!), 4 long sleeved tops and vest tops plus 2 long cardi’s, a jumper and 3 jackets.

Oh and shoes: sandals, converse daps, heeled boots, walking boots, flip flops, 2 x slippers.

Reading that back it now sounds like quite a lot and it’s not that it isn’t enough it’s just that it’s soooo boring wearing the same combination of clothes the whole time.

We’ve stripped back on possessions of every kind. I’ve said previously that stuff just holds a person back. My reading’s gone online and my travel make-up bag is a mere fraction of its former life.

But clothes, they’ll be replenished and recycled along the way. Not one to go too long between shopping trips, (I can’t help it, it’s in my blood) here are my Spanish charity shop and preloved acquisitions. Just doing my bit. 😉

As a slight aside, Susie Bubbles’s recent blog about ethical style ‘Half-arsed ethics’ gives an optimistic yet realistic projection on the future of ethical style. Read here.








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