On the cover of a magazine

30 May


A little piece of fashion heaven.

I’m having a clear-out.  It’s been going on for months and I’ve done okay so far, I’ve taken mountains of clothes to charity shops, sold barely-used chinaware on eBay and passed on unwanted handbags, shoes and other knick-knacks to willing recipients.  And yet, I still can’t bring myself to recycle, gift or trash my scores of beloved back-copies of Vogue.

Kate Moss New Smart Vogue

It’s annoying Vogue, isn’t it.  It’s packed full of skinny, beautiful people having fun with other skinny, beautiful people at high profile parties.  In between the pages and pages of glossy ads (£1000 for a handbag anyone?), it holds articles that we’re meant to take seriously about celebrities and aristocrats’ children who are ‘starting from scratch’ in business with a chain of high art studios and trendy cafe’s located under train bridges in sought after London locations, decked with the obligatory bikes, guitars and tin retro signs hanging from the ceiling.

Then there are the pieces on the buyers, artistic directors and art dealers for top end brands photographed relaxing at their country pile in knit-wear and riding boots, with dogs, ponies, original Damien Hirsts and acres of land.  If that wasn’t annoying enough, you then spot that the photos are credited to a Shand-Kidd.  All presented as if this is the most normal thing in the world.  How we all live.  Right?

And yet, and yet, I still can’t resist the lure of a Vogue cover. Especially when Ms Moss is on the cover – as you can see.

For a fashion and style follower, Vogue shoots are by far the best of all the monthly glossy mags, they shoot in the best locations, with top models, luxury labels and the most prestigious photographers.  Even with the maddeningly escapist articles, the journalists are very good, that and I have a mini crush on Alexandra Shulman  Of course, Vogue should be taken for what it is – hugely glossy, largely unattainable, mostly annoying but ridiculously appealing.

All images of Vogue UK, Conde Nast.


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