Secret wedding planning

24 May

Wedding cake by Jenny

If you break out into a cold sweat at the thought of being the centre of attention for a day, avoid hen parties at all costs (let alone your own) and freeze with horror when faced with with the logistical nightmare that rivals organising a G8 summit in the name of seat planning, you are not alone.

Just to be clear – I love weddings.  I love planning an outfit, seeing old friends and family, gushing over the bride, the excuse for daytime drinking, a good slap up meal, cringing at the best man’s speech and kicking off the heels on the dance floor later on.  It’s an event, a celebration, a big old piss up.

But my wedding – not so.

After 15 special years together, this time last year my (now) husband and I tied the knot in Penzance with two wonderful friends as witnesses, our beloved terrier Toto as ring bearer (on his home-made collar) and the slightly surprised (also perhaps relieved) registrars.

“We were so lucky with the weather” – was my overused phrase of last year.  The clouds parted and the sun came out to play so that we could stroll the cobbled causeway up to St Michael’s Mount, sip champagne on the beach and dine al-fresco at our own form of wedding breakfast.

As with all the best laid plans our secret wedding wasn’t 100% secret.  Feeling a bit twitchy a few weeks before, pre-living the phone call to close family members post ceremony, we felt it only right and fair to tell our parents, grandparents and siblings our good news before the event.  They were all very cool about it and happy for us – naturally my mum was a teeny bit disappointed but she understood our reasons.  We honestly would never have got married if we’d had to plan a big day.  In reality it would’ve meant eliminating individuals, more expense than we could manage and possibly compromising location.

It was so exciting sharing our news with other friends and family after the ceremony itself.  We had a barbecue get-together back at ours the following weekend and I was overwhelmed by the surprise post-hen do that my friends put on!  Not a chocolate willy or L plate in sight.  My husband had a weekend away with the boys – blokey outdoorsy stuff to our fascinator making, high tea and drinks.  I’m eternally grateful to Al and Lizzy, our witnesses, who honestly couldn’t have made our day more amazing, they’re also responsible for organising the fabulous cake above (also a  surprise) and for minding Toto while we spent the night in a posh hotel.

Clearly the secret wedding isn’t everyone’s bag but I was never the girl who’d been planning her wedding since the age of 12, I had no inclination to don the white gown, tiara and princess shoes to marry my Prince Charming – I actually didn’t think I’d ever get married.  Ok, I’d practiced my signature with the surnames of Micheal (how didn’t I know), Jackson (questionable) and a bit later Jagger (Naomi Jagger, no?).  But we’ve all done that, haven’t we?

Anyway, marriage and the way we did it feels so right and having been to a few big weddings since, while I still love a good do, I don’t ever wish that that was me walking down the aisle.

Happy Anniversary Mr Stone. xxx

Keeping it simple

Inspiration – timeless prom dress, glitter and keeping it simple

St Michael's Mount, Penzance

St Michael’s Mount, Penzance

A special day

A special day

Magazine photos attributed to Vogue UK, April 2012.


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  1. Daydream believer | Betula Stone - 03/10/2013

    […] St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall doesn’t really compare but will forever hold an extra special place in mine and my husband’s hearts. […]

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