Country File

2 Apr

It was inevitable really.  Once you’ve gone down the road of allotments, switching to radio 2 because “there’s nothing decent on radio 1” and glancing at your partner’s laptop on a Friday night in to see him googling ‘kitchen door handles’, there’s just no turning back.

Goodbye nightclub hello country has come true.  During a break from the city with friends in the Devonshire hills, I found myself purchasing some  *deep breath*  walking boots.

The long and winding road, mostly uphill, led my friend and I to the village’s outdoor store with a bell that rings when you walk in and a friendly lady whose shop her parents had run when she was young.  A touch of Are you Being Served in the air with an old fashioned sloped foot stool and being told a story about a previous assistant – an “effeminate” man – who once measured a child’s foot in a visa swipe machine.  After some deliberation and “do my feet look big in these?” debates, I parted with my hard earned cash with a heavy heart at the end of a life of inappropriate footwear.

I’ve climbed the muddy, slippery hills of Ashton Court in platforms, maneuvered stony country paths in sling backs.  And for the last time this week felt the achievement of reaching the top of a beautiful valley – along cliff paths, over stone bridges and through woodland – not through stamina and strength but in the knowledge (and pain) of making it in paper-thin soled daps from H&M.

It’s time to face the music, and the blisters, and enter a new world of the gripped sole.

I’ve always said that life’s about the moments, so raise your thermos to a new kind of ‘moment’ away from the sticky floors and sweaty walls of the nightclub and into the great outdoors – and remember moments are nothing without brilliant people to share them with.

Image 1 of Bertie Regan Fashion Walking Boots

Above:  Ok, one step at a time (sorry) – for the city stomper.

Gri Sport Typhoon Ladies Walking Boot (click for enlarged image)

Above:  Pretty in pink for the girly girls.

Gri Sport Wolf Ladies Walking Boot  (click for enlarged image)

Above:  Got a rucksack to go with these? *OK enough.  Back to*


One Response to “Country File”

  1. Kurt Covert 04/04/2011 at 10:38 am #

    Having recently passed my sole-by date, I was gripped by the fact that you are dipping your (suede covered) toes into the outside world, Betula. It’s great to see that the ‘COVER UP!’campaign of a few years back has finally made it’s way to below the ankle. Shoes symbolise the nature/nurture debate effortlessly..a natural upper with a man-made soul, but remember, if the shoe fits, you should make sure it doesn’t swallow its tongue. Keep up the fancy foot work..x

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