Wild West camping in the Algarve

4 May


The dog’s having a bad day, first the campsite’s elderly Alsatian took a dislike to him, then a kid goat head-butted him – which was of course comical (he was fine).

Today we seem to be in Dr Doolittle’s garden – there’s a horse, said goat that thinks it’s a dog, pot bellied pigs, chickens, a parrot and a short walk down the road are some ostriches.

This is a cosy, friendly site run by a French family, just a 15 minute ride inland from the small coastal town of Fuzeta, on the way to Moncarapacho. You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Its charm is in its natural and fun style, without being gimmicky, and its simplicity.

And at €6 a night, you really can’t go wrong. I’m moving in – the dog and the goat will have to work things out.

Caminho Agrícola de Gião-Maragota, Olhão, Portugal








Trucking in style

20 Apr

Despite its age and the odd rattle, we’re inevitably getting attached to Jeronimo the motorhome. We’ll be sad to see it go, but there you go, that’s the deal.

Unless… this idea – 100% stolen from this
article. On return from the roadtrip I get Betula back on the road except this time instead of the old days of cold outdoor markets, clinging onto rails on windy days and rushing out plastic sheets in the summer rain, I’ll use Jeronimo!

I’ve already worked out where the rails and accessories will go and there’s a ready-made changing room – the loo.

A plan? 😉

The name: Auto Rail! (Ok, I’ll stop now).



The second coming at Gucci

3 Apr

I used to have boots like that – that’s me turning into my mum and aunties who say this about something I’m wearing whenever I see them. It is reassuring though to see a much loved garment or item returning to the fold.

Said boots appeared reincarnated, albeit in a far more luxurious and expensive form, in Frida Giannini’s impeccable and truly wearable update on swinging London (to steal the experts’ description) collection. The flattering cigarette trousers (sadly only for the skinniest of legs), the a-line minis, the smart tailored thin-leather dresses and blouses, the seventies swept hair, a bit of sparkle on long sleeved dresses and those sunglasses (!), I can’t fault it one bit.

On my return from this fabulous road-trip I’ll be indulging in a long consolatory rummage through second-hand and charity shops for pea and mint greens, soft blue wools, yellows, brown leather everything and maybe I’ll rediscover those long discarded sleek, cling-to-your-calves, block heeled, fake snake boots while I’m at it.

What’s more – I have a yeti-style faux fur jacket waiting for me in the loft, made lovingly by my very clever mum (with pockets and everything) but rarely sees daylight outside of parties and festivals, which I’ll soon be showing off down town (so to speak). I’ve waited a long time for this.

The lessons: 1. Never throw anything away. 2. Mum and aunties know best.

Pics from style.com. For the full collection click here.





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